Newcastle Coal Infrastructure Group

Newcastle Coal Infrastructure Group Pty Limited (NCIG) owns and operates one of Australia’s largest coal export terminals with rail, storage and ship-loading facilities and associated infrastructure.

The NCIG’s Terminal expansion project was to increase capacity by 13 Mtpa to the planned maximum capacity of 66 Mtpa, the terminal incorporates:

  • Inbound system – rail sidings and rail balloon loop, dump stations and two inbound sampling stations. 
  • Stockyards – four stockyards (increasing to five) in total with three combined stacker reclaimers.
  • Outbound System – incorporates two buffer bins, two outbound sample stations, two ship-loaders and two wharves (increasing to three).

EMRAILS supplied all rails required for this project:

  • Crane Rail 86 KG
  • Rail-track 60 KG & 68 KG